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Cancer Patient Will Get The Drug

By Jon Dunkerley

Health Insurance will cover cost of expensive drug

“I feel like I’ve won the lottery,” said Ann Marie Rogers, 54, in response to receiving the news that her health Insurance provider will indeed fork up the money to pay for her to receive the newest drug in the defense of breast cancer, Herceptin. The initial ruling that stated that the company Swindon Primary Care Trust did not have to pay the money made by the British High Court, was overturned today by a Judge in the Court of Appeals.
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For the Love of Diet

By Sam Barren

What will you do for that summer sleek look?

Diets play an ever growing role in the lives of many many people from all walks of life. A recent study conducted in the USA, concluded that one third of all US residents have at one point in their lives dieted, or are in the midst of trying to lose weight. Whether its the lack of nutritional knowledge, laziness, or a combination of both, our world is growing, and I am not referring to the planet itself, just us that inhabit it.
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Health Drinks Are Taking Over

By Lennox Bradly

Is soda a thing of the past?

With our aging baby boomber generation, coupled with the healthy living fad, the time where coke and pepsi ruled the roost when it came to soft drinks is beginning to slip by. Evolving with time, are the needs of individuals living in North America and around the world when it comes to the beverage of choice, leading to fizzy sodas experiencing a rapid decline in popularity.
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